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BPJ Affirms Nickel Governance Modeled from Tin

BPJ Affirms Nickel Governance Modeled from Tin

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – Member of Commission VII DPR RI Bambang Patijaya denied the words said by President Joko Widodo during a visit to Bangka Belitung that the tin industry should emulate nickel.

According to him, it is the nickel industry that must emulate the power of tin. Tin has since twenty years ago built a smelter to downstream and export with a level of 99.99 percent.

“Tin must emulate nickel. I said nickel must emulate what happened to tin twenty years ago (when) the smelter was established,” BPJ said during a discussion meeting with Indonesian nickel companies at the DPR RI, Thursday (8/6/2023).

Tin products since the ban on ore exports in 2006 have been obliged to sell with a minimum level of 96-99.99 percent and began selling through the stock exchange in 2013.

Bambang hopes that the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal (DG Minerals and Coal) will supervise companies that have invested in Indonesia, considering that the reserve life of nickel is around ten years which is a critical mineral.

“Remember this is a critical mineral in ten years according to theory, because no new reserves are found, this (reserves) will run out,” said Bambang.

If NPI exports are still carried out, then entrepreneurs only want to pass NPI out of Indonesia without further downstreaming, because this is a new style of smuggling.

“Please step up the level if you are not just smuggling a new style. We see that what is the remaining 90 percent of the NPI product must be calculated, there is cobalt and manganese. You can’t do that, you only pay a royalty of 3% multiplied by 10-12%,” said BPJ.

“We ask, we want this to move. We ask you to please invest in more technology to increase the level of nickel that you produce. Only the grade is increased,” he added.

The government is careful to increase state revenue and economic growth with this mineral downstream program, but until now the results have not been maximized.

“We are not here to scare you, but all of you (need to) understand what the Indonesian government wants. The DPR conducts supervision so that the policy is following the plan,” he said. (Eva/Rd)