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Bucek Depp Practices Ambon Language for “Glenn Fredly The Movie”

Bucek Depp Practices Ambon Language for “Glenn Fredly The Movie”

Actor Bucek Depp admitted that he is practicing the Ambon language for his role as Glenn Fredly’s father in the new movie “Glenn Fredly The Movie”.

When met at a talk show in the South Jakarta area on Wednesday (20/9), Bucek Depp said Glenn Fredly and his family are from Ambon. So, several scenes require him to speak Ambon phrases in this film. Thus, he was assisted by a special coach for his role in this movie.

“There is also a dialog coach because there are some dialogs we change into regional speeches,” said Bucek.

According to him, the role of Hengky Latuihamallo, or Glenn Fredly’s father is quite challenging because he does not come from the Ambon tribe. Hence, Bucek Depp felt helped by the Ambon language dialog training and thorough research conducted by the team about Glenn Fredly and his family.

He was also happy to be chosen to play one of the important figures of the late Glenn Fredly. But, there’s no denying that his role made him feel challenged. However, as an actor, he is happy because he got a different role from other roles in this movie.

“As an actor, the challenge is extraordinary. We play the character (and) we’re happy because we learn again,” said the man born on September 9, 1973.

Aside from the production team’s help, Bucek also received support from Glenn Fredly’s family so that he could do well during the filming process later. The filming process of “Glenn Fredly The Movie” will take place starting September 30, 2023. Right on Glenn Fredly’s birthday.

“This would not have happened if there was no support from Glenn Fredly’s own family,” said Bucek.

source: Antara