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Commission V Urges the Government to Anticipate the Impact of Extreme Weather-Forest Fires

Commission V Urges the Government to Anticipate the Impact of Extreme Weather-Forest Fires

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – Extreme hot weather has hit several regions in Indonesia lately. Commission V of the House of Representatives asked the Government to prepare to anticipate the impact of the weather, including the settlement of forest and land fires (Karhutla) which are frequent in the dry season.

“We know hot weather has hit most parts of Indonesia lately. The government must be able to anticipate through various policies and programs so that extreme weather like this does not harm the community,” said Deputy Chairman of Commission V DPR RI Andi Iwan Darmawan Aras.

BMKG recorded extreme heat temperatures reaching 37.5 degrees Celsius across Indonesia. Then, ten meteorological stations in Indonesia recorded the maximum surface air temperature above 35 degrees Celsius since April 15, 2023. During a heatwave, it is not uncommon for many people to complain, be stressed, and fall ill.

Iwan urged the public to maintain their health because extreme heat can affect the body’s immunity.

“Always be aware of the impact of this extreme weather, especially when doing activities outside the home. Besides avoiding direct UV rays, eat healthy food and take vitamins if necessary,” he said.

The extreme weather in Indonesia is not like the heatwave in India that caused dozens of deaths. Even so, Iwan still reminded all parties to always be vigilant and prepare for the worst scenario.

“The cooperation of all stakeholders is needed. If extreme weather causes drought, the government must work quickly to overcome it, including by carrying out weather modification,” he said.

Iwan also invited the public to work together to overcome the impacts of climate change.

“Let’s start getting used to living a healthier life. The slogan “Go Green” is not just words, because it can have an impact on our future and the future of our children and grandchildren on earth,” he said.

He continued, Iwan asked the Government to prepare for even the most extreme conditions. He reminded all ministries to start calculating the anticipated impact of the drought that could occur in Indonesia due to extreme hot weather, which could have an impact on the people’s economy such as decreased agricultural production to mining and others.

Not only that, but Iwan also highlighted the phenomenon of forest and land fires that have begun to appear in several regions. The regional government together with the TNI / Polri must always be alert considering the possibility of forest fire cases is predicted to increase this year.

As is known, Riau Province has declared the status of a forest fire emergency alert. The Central Government has also warned the Regional Government and other Forkopimda in areas that frequent forest and land fires during the dry season.

On the other hand, according to BMKG, the cause of extremely hot weather is unusual atmospheric dynamics. The hot temperature in April in the South Asia region is climatologically also influenced by the apparent motion of the Sun.

Other causes are the dominance of the Australian monsoon, entering the dry season, the maximum intensity of solar radiation in clear weather conditions, and lack of cloud cover. Extreme weather is also due to climate change, which is largely caused by burning fossil fuels.