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FFI 2023 Committee Announced FFI 2023 Nomination List

FFI 2023 Committee Announced FFI 2023 Nomination List

The 2023 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) Committee officially announced the list of nominations for the 2023 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) for 22 categories of the FFI Citra Cup and Film Criticism awards at the National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta, Saturday (14/10).

The reading of the 22 nominations for the FFI Citra Cup and Film Criticism award categories was carried out alternately by the 2023 FFI Ambassadors, namely Christine Hakim, Lukman Sardi, Laura Basuki, Putri Marino, Chicco Kurniawan, and Chairman of the 2021-2023 FFI Committee, Reza Rahadian.

“The announcement of the FFI 2023 nominations this time feels very special to me. In addition to the increasing number of films by Indonesian filmmakers that have made proud achievements on the international stage. The use of the National Museum of Indonesia to read out this year’s FFI award nominees is an important step to support efforts to transform Indonesia’s museums and cultural heritage,” said Indonesian Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Nadiem Makarim during his remarks, as quoted from a press statement, Saturday (14/10).

The list of nominees for the Feature Film category is the result of selection and judging conducted by the 2023 FFI Citra Academy. A total of 69 members of the Citra Academy from various film professions have worked from September 23 to October 8, 2023, to select the best-nominated works.

The Citra Academy is a term for film people who have received the Citra Cup award at the previous FFI. In addition, the selection and judging process is carried out online through the FFI Screening Room page which can be accessed from the official website and application and in collaboration with the online Bioskop paid video service.

“The judging process went well and smoothly. The participation of associations and the Citra Academy also makes this process open and democratic. The results of the judging up to this stage are the results of the basic stage of the competition whose quality will be tested by the final jury. In addition, the Audience Choice category is a space for community participation, especially film lovers. So, it must be facilitated and managed in a broad community space,” said FFI 2023 Judging Committee Chairman, Garin Nugroho.

According to Garin, the judging system is not just about determining winners and non-winners. More than that, the judging system in these three years represents and encourages the participation of the components of the development of the film ecosystem, namely associations, film people, industry, and society, and needs to be maintained and strengthened in the future.

The nomination stage of the Non-Long Story Film category (Short Story Film, Long Documentary Film, Short Documentary Film, and Short Animated Film) and the Film Criticism category are still managed by the relevant professional associations, namely COFFIE (Coordination for Film Festival in Indonesia), dan (Indonesian Documentary Association), AINAKI (Indonesian Animation Industry Association), and KAFEIN (Indonesian Film Reviewers Association).

The entire judging process is conducted by selected jurors and facilitated and supervised by the Judging Committee and Public Accountant.

The announcement of the 2023 FFI nomination list can be seen through the Indonesian Film Festival channel Citra Cup Award Night of 2023. Indonesian Film Festival which will be held on November 14, 2023, and broadcast live online through the YouTube channels of the Indonesian Film Festival, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, and My Culture.

To find out more information, visit the official website page festivalfilm.id.

source: Antara