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Indonesian Mineral Targets Unmet in 2023

Indonesian Mineral Targets Unmet in 2023
Mineral mining process (Photo: illustration)

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) did not achieve its 2023 production goals for several minerals. These include gold, silver, tin, ferronickel, and nickel matte.

Bambang Suswantono, the ESDM’s Director General of Mineral and Coal, reported on Tuesday (1/16/2024). Gold production reached only 83 tons, below the 106-ton target. This output was less than 2022’s 105.4 tons.

Silver output also decreased, reaching 348.6 tons against a 489-ton goal. It was lower than last year’s 443.9 tons. Tin production showed some improvement, rising from 56.1 thousand tons to 67.6 thousand tons in 2023. However, it still fell short of the 70-thousand-ton target.

Ferronickel production was 535.2 thousand tons, missing the 628.9 thousand ton target. Yet, it was an increase from 516.7 thousand tons in 2022. Nickel matte production stood at 71.4 thousand tons, below the 75 thousand ton goal and down from 76 thousand tons the previous year.

Bambang also mentioned copper cathode, nickel pig iron (NPI), chemical grade alumina (CGA), and smelter grade alumina (SGA) production. These are under the Special Mining Business Permit for processing and refining. He noted that these permits would shift to industrial business permits under the Ministry of Industry, as per Law Number 3 of 2020.