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Indonesia’s First Titanium Smelter Begins Operations

Indonesia’s First Titanium Smelter Begins Operations
Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Dadan Kusdiana

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – In an exciting development, Indonesia has initiated its first titanium smelter. This significant facility is set to transform ilmenite, a by-product of tin mining, into high-value titanium.

Dadan Kusdiana from the ESDM Ministry spoke about the importance of this venture. “Titanium is a valuable and rare material,” he noted at the Ministry’s office.

Furthermore, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, the Minister of Industry, inaugurated the smelter in Bangka Belitung on Wednesday (12/7/2023). PT Bersahaja Berkat Sahabat Jaya operates this pioneering facility. “This smelter is a significant leap in our country’s industrial development,” Agus proudly announced.

Strategically located in Bangka Regency, this smelter is a robust investment of Rp1.3 trillion. It is designed to produce 100 metric tons of titanium daily to supply both local and international markets. Agus stressed, “This project, funded domestically, is vital and requires our strong support.”

Additionally, PT Bersahaja is planning to refine other tin by-products such as zircon and monazite. These materials have the potential to yield rare earth elements, uranium, and thorium. “PT Bersahaja is expanding its activities to more diverse downstream processing,” Agus added.

The Ministry of Industry is backing this initiative with a range of incentives and guidance. “We are actively developing incentives to encourage growth in this industry,” Agus mentioned.

Expected to reduce imports, this initiative aims to strengthen Indonesia’s metal industry significantly. “Our metal sector’s investments have increased by 9.5%,” Agus highlighted.

Arbi Leo, the CEO of PT Bersahaja, expressed gratitude for the government’s support. “Aligning with national goals, we are exploring more mineral processing, including zirconium, and processing monazite for rare earth elements,” he said.

Arbi views this smelter as an important milestone in boosting Indonesia’s industrial capacity and independence in titanium production. “We look forward to continued support to make a significant impact on both regional and national levels,” he concluded.