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Iranian Intelligence Forces Capture 13 Mossad Agents

Iranian Intelligence Forces Capture 13 Mossad Agents

Timerilis.com – Iranian intelligence forces have reportedly detected and detained 13 Mossad agents. The agents are said to consist of two Mossad spy teams spread across the country.

“In Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, West Azerbaijan, and Golestan, twenty-three operative and supporting elements were identified. While thirteen people (in the country) were arrested,” said Iran’s Intelligence Ministry in a written statement quoted from Mehr News Agency, Tuesday (10/1/2023).

“Various types of operating equipment were seized from them,” the statement added.

The head of the network, who lives in one of the European countries, managed to identify and make initial contact with aspects of the operation in the country through social media platforms.

According to the latest findings, the Mossad spy organization intended to assassinate a military official and carry out several sabotage operations in major Iranian cities.

The Israeli regime’s spy organization also planned to transfer explosives on a large scale from the southern sea border to the country. This was the Zionist regime’s second major intelligence and operational failure in less than 6 months.

In a statement issued on December 22 last year, the Intelligence Ministry announced the arrest of the Mossad agent.

“After rigorous efforts of the intelligence forces, four operation teams affiliated with the Mossad spy agency have been identified. All their members were arrested,” the statement said at the time. (Eva)

source: republika.co.id