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JO1’s Culinary and Musical Journey in Jakarta

JO1’s Culinary and Musical Journey in Jakarta
One of the members of JO1 during their first time held a concert in Jakarta called "BEYOND THE DARK - LIMITED EDITION" in Ciputra Artpreneur Theater, Jakarta on November 1st, 2023

J-pop idol group JO1 made their debut visit to Jakarta, diving into the local culinary scene. Tsurubo Shion, one of the members, relished a spicy grilled fish dish. While he struggled to recall its name, the show’s presenter clarified it for him. “Yesterday, I tasted a spicy fish dish. Was it fried or grilled?” Shion mused.

In a video from October 30, 2023, the group sampled various Indonesian dishes. They savored beef rendang, mixed satay, fried rice, and shrimp chips, with each member lauding the unique flavors. Beyond food, Shion expressed a desire to explore Indonesia’s picturesque paddy fields.

On the musical front, JO1 is enthusiastic about collaborations. Mamehara Issei revealed their openness to work with both Indonesian and global artists. Interestingly, a younger member expressed a keen interest in Indonesian songs. Their past collaborations include a track with K-pop group Stray Kids titled “YOLO-konde.” Stray Kids’ unit, 3RACHA, produced the song, and JO1 penned the lyrics. Additionally, Yonashiro Sho and Kono Junki teamed up with Japanese pianist Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk] for “OUTSIDERS,” a track featured in “Attack on Titan.” Their recent song “Eyes On Me” saw them collaborate with artist R3HAB.

Concluding their Jakarta journey, JO1 has a concert lined up for November 1, 2023. Titled “BEYOND THE DARK – LIMITED EDITION,” this performance is a highlight of their first-ever Asian tour, with stops also planned in Bangkok, Shanghai, and Taipei.

Source: Antara