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Mandiri Investasi Released Mandiri ETF LQ45 Mutual Fund

Mandiri Investasi Released Mandiri ETF LQ45 Mutual Fund

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – Mandiri Investasi launched the Mandiri ETF LQ45 Mutual Fund on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Monday (6/3/2023). Purchases can be made through Securities Companies with two methods of purchase the premier market and the secondary market.

Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) itself is a mutual fund that is managed to obtain investment results similar to an index that is used as a reference, be it a bond index or a stock index whose participation units are listed and traded on the Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, LQ45 is an index containing 45 company stocks from various sectors or industries in Indonesia. The selection of the 45 stocks is based on two criteria, high liquidity and strong fundamentals in the last 12 months.

There are many advantages that Mandiri ETF LQ45 Mutual Fund product offers compared to other Mutual Funds. The main advantage is that this product invests in the market that driving the Indonesian economy. Where the LQ45 Index represents 45 of the largest and most liquid companies in Indonesia, which is a proxy for economic growth.

With a total market capitalization of approximately 56.68% of the JCI, the LQ45 Index stocks can be used as an efficient means for investors to have exposure to Indonesia’s economic growth.

“We chose the LQ45 index because it has a liquid underlying so that it is the choice of investors to be able to enjoy national economic growth. In addition, LQ45 covers almost 60% of the market capitalization of the JCI. It can be an illustration of the development of Indonesian stocks in general,” said Mandiri Investasi President Director, Aliyahdin Saugi.

Another advantage is the transparent investment with competitive fees. Mandiri ETF LQ45 Mutual Fund has competitive management fees and transparent information disclosure. The LQ45 Index generally conducts 4 (four) reviews and rebalancing each year, including 2 (two) major reviews in January and July.

Then, 2 (two) minor reviews in April and October will only be done if there is a significant situation. Information about the LQ45 index and Mandiri ETF LQ45 Mutual Fund can be accessed by the public through the Indonesia Stock Exchange website, www.idx.co.id.

From January 2012 to January 2023, the performance of LQ45 has a positive correlation with the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI). Thus, stocks in the LQ45 index can be used as a proxy for the Indonesian economy.

Buying and selling transactions in the primary market can be done with a minimum purchase of 1 basket (1000 lots or 100,000 participation units), while the secondary market can be done with a lower minimum purchase, namely 1 lot or 100 participation units. The transaction price is determined by the securities company in real time following the market price at the time of the transaction.

“We are optimistic, with the high flow of foreign and domestic investment funds into the Indonesian capital market, the Mandiri ETF LQ45 Mutual Fund can achieve its target in the first year,” said Aliyahdin. (Eva/Rd)