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Mappacci Movie Promotes Makassar Culture and Tourism

Mappacci Movie Promotes Makassar Culture and Tourism

Timerilis.com – The film Mappacci will be in theaters on August 24, 2023, and promotes Bugis-Makassar culture and tourist destinations in Makassar City.

“This film is supported by a series of Makassar’s comedians including Tumming, Abu Adi, Sukri Basitoayyah, and Zakaribo, as well as local actors and actresses,” said Sunarti Sain danohit NV from 786 Production as Executive Producer of Mappacci film in Makassar, on Monday.

She said the movie made by director Andi Burhamsah is dedicated to promoting tourism and culture in South Sulawesi, especially Makassar City.

In this regard, he hopes that the government and the private sector as well as educational institutions fully support this film, which has also been recognized by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno as a creative economy industry that must continue to be developed.

Meanwhile, Mappacci film director, Andi Burhamzah said the film is not only strong in terms of story but carries many cultural messages and literacy about the importance of knowing the mappacci tradition that happened before the marriage contract procession in Bugis-Makassar culture.

The movie is also supported by songs from Noah (Jalani Mimpi) D’masiv (Aku Percaya Kamu) dan Geisha (Kering Air Mataku). There’s also a band performance from Makassar Natinson and a Bugis song sung by Maharani, Mappadendang.

On the other side, the movie tells the story of a girl named Tenri Andi Batara who is a writer about to face her wedding day with her lover doctor, Iwan (Cahya Arinagara).

But on the night of “mappacci”, Tenri gets bad news that her lover had an accident because of a shipwreck.

Tenri grieves and finds it hard to move on. But later on, she meets Erwin (Cipta Perdana) who sincerely loves her. (Eva/Rd)

source: Antara