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“Mawang” Ghost of Bangka Belitung Coming Soon to Indonesia Big Screens

“Mawang” Ghost of Bangka Belitung Coming Soon to Indonesia Big Screens

Jakarta, Timerilis.com- After the success of “Martabak Bangka” and “Bisikan Jenazah”, Bersahaja Entertainment will launch its third film, “Mawang” coming soon to Indonesian theaters in early 2023.

Arbi Leo, CEO of Bersahaja Entertainment, expressed his gratitude that his third film has been completed starring national and local Bangka Belitung actors.

“For you, lovers of horror and thriller films, you will feel satisfied when watching this film. The mix of scare and thrill is very natural,” said Arbi Leo in a written statement, Sunday (25/12/2022).

Quoting from boombastis, Mawang is a supernatural being known to live in the wilderness and has an enormous body with long hair and nails.

This ghost annoys the residents because it often kills livestock but only eats its liver. Even so, if a resident mentions Mawang’s name, the ghost will not hesitate to approach that person.

The film “Mawang” is about the story of four students who got their final assignment to research rare trees in Indonesia. They choose Pelawan trees located in Bangka Belitung.

They didn’t know that the place they went to was 30 years ago, where there was a fight over a legendary evil creature named ‘Mawang’.

Film director “Mawang”, Iqbal Rachman said among the people of Bangka Belitung, ‘Mawang’ is the most feared creature from ancient times until now. The name itself is the most forbidden to mention. That’s why this film’s tagline is ‘Don’t Say His Name’.

“In Bangka Belitung, it’s forbidden to say the name ‘Mawang’. You can’t say that,” said Iqbal, Tuesday (27/12/2022).

“Mawang” is a film that is adapted based on the results of research with a huge number of sources, then woven into one streamlined plot to be made into a film.

“We took stories from parents in ancient times. Starting from the habitual patterns and their forms, we collect them from local culturalists,” said Iqbal.

“Bangka Belitung is known as a remote and mystical area since many forests surround the area. Resulting in mystical occurrences in the forest. The neighboring province of Palembang still considers Bangka Belitung to be a very mystical and dangerous area,” he explained.

For film lovers who want to know the mystique in Bangka Belitung, you must include “Mawang” in your watch wishlist.

This is my first film as a director. I want this film to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, especially mystical folklore that’s almost lost.

“In Bangka Belitung, stories like this have begun to diminish as time goes by. So, we want to bring up Malay culture and local horror in ancient times. Hopefully, it will find a place in the hearts of Indonesian audiences,” explained Iqbal.

One of the customs in Bangka Belitung is the strict taboos and prohibitions that will be present in the film. While also showcasing the island’s natural beauty and local cultural customs.

“Bangka Belitung has infamous taboos such as Kepun and Nyarut, and many more used in this film. Then, iconic locations such as Semujur Island with its breathtaking view. The Bubung Tujuh house, the traditional house of the Lum Tribe, and the unforgettable Lum Tribe’s burial,” explained Iqbal.

The Lum tribe lives in Mapur Village, Riau Silip District, Bangka Regency. Lum is a group of people who do not know religion (a religion recognized by the state).

“We are filming at the Lum tribe’s cemetery, which is difficult to reach. It is difficult to ask permission because they are still afraid to be photographed. The Lum tribe is the oldest in Bangka Belitung,” said Iqbal.

The Director of Photography, Silo Sandro said there are many fascinating things in this “Mawang” film. For instance, the horror nuances combined with the culture and natural beauty of Bangka Belitung make it different.

“The story of “Mawang” itself is interesting because it does not only tell about horror. But, it has moral messages too. Make sure to watch this film,” said Silo.

Silo advised all film activists in Bangka Belitung to promote the film industry in Bangka Belitung. So, they can compete on both national and international stages.

“Let’s work together to build a film industry to advance Bangka Belitung’s filmmaking. So, it can be known domestically and internationally,” said Silo. (Eva)