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Movie “Susuk: The Curse of Beauty” Coming Soon on August 31

Movie “Susuk: The Curse of Beauty” Coming Soon on August 31

Timerilis.com – The horror movie “Susuk: The Curse of Beauty” produced by Visinema Pictures with Legacy Pictures and Visionari Capital Film Fund, will come to the theaters on August 31, 2023. It will bring an interesting message about women’s insecurities.

“When we talked with the team about susuk, there are things that represent my feelings, especially many women out there feeling insecure about their appearance,” said the movie’s producer, Novi Hanabi in a press release on Saturday.

Thus, several people use instant methods to look better, one of which is with susuk. This phenomenon was used as the premise of the story in the movie “Susuk: The Curse of Beauty” by Novi.

Agreeing with Novi, executive producer of the movie “Susuk: The Curse of Beauty”, Angga Dwimas Sasongko said the film not only presents a horror story that makes the film different from other films with a similar genre.

“Not just horror, but complete with terror and a touch of gore in it,” Angga said.
One of the film’s main actors, Hana Malasan, visited a local area to explore her character in the film as “Laras”. Laras was described as a woman that has close to the nightlife. So, Hana did special research to play her.

The movie “Susuk: The Curse of Beauty” stars Hana Malasan, Ersya Aurelia, and Jourdy Pranata. The movie tells the story of Laras (Hana Malasan) who wants to quit her job as a prostitute and improve her relationship with her sister, Ayu (Ersya Aurelia).

However, an accident makes Laras rejected by death and continues to be trapped on death row. Laras’ body continues to live, however, her body begins to decay like a corpse.

Together with Arman (Jourdy Pranata), Ayu looks for a way to cure Laras. By visiting the village head, Damar (Whani Dharmawan), a religious leader, Ustaz Rahmat (M.N. Qomaruddin), and the help of a shaman named Prasetyo (Muhammad Khan).

Unfortunately, the spell on Laras’ body is no ordinary charm spell because as Laras’ body decays, it creates terror for Ayu, Arman, and other villagers. (Eva/Rd)

source: Antara