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Netflix Working on NASCAR Cup Series Racing Documentary Series

Netflix Working on NASCAR Cup Series Racing Documentary Series

Timerilis.com – Netflix is reportedly working on a documentary series about the NASCAR Cup Series scheduled to air in 2024.

As reported by Carscoops, Tuesday, the documentary series will consist of five 45-minute episodes following the final events of the 2023 NASCAR season. Known as the “playoffs”, NASCAR 2023 starts on September 3rd at the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway, South Carolina, United States.

The documentary series features sixteen drivers, four eliminated every four rounds until only four drivers remain for a one-race showdown. To determine who’s competing in the championship at Phoenix Raceway on November 5.

The NASCAR documentary is believed to make for great on-track drama and will be turned into human drama. Thanks to the Netflix documentary crew, who have already begun filming the series. Crews will place cameras behind drivers’ helmets to show the challenges drivers face in the competition.

“The series will feature exclusive access to drivers and teams, taking fans behind the scenes on and off the track while exploring the physical and mental challenges of competing for a championship at the highest level of auto racing in the world,” Netflix said.

Scheduled to premiere in early 2024, the series is produced by Words + Pictures, which is also behind “Super League: The War for Football”, “Countdown: Inspiration 4 Mission to Space” and “NASCAR Studios”.

The series will add to Netflix’s collection of sports documentary series. The NASCAR Cup Series is the top racing series in the world from the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

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