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Official Poster of “Imam Tanpa Makmum” Movie Finally Launched

Official Poster of “Imam Tanpa Makmum” Movie Finally Launched

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – Syakir Films Production House is back with its latest work titled “Imam Tanpa Makmum.”

After releasing the first look a few days ago, the official film poster has been uploaded to the @syakirfilms Instagram account, as well as the film cast’s official account of “Imam Without Makmum.”

Syakir Daulay the producer/director/lead actor in the film, expressed his excitement for this work. He emphasized the importance of integrity in the profession, especially as a young man involved in the Indonesian cinema industry.

“This movie is not only an entertainment medium but, a means of deep learning with a touch of Indonesian culture,” he said, on Thursday (21/09/2023).

Even this movie also carries a strong moral message, which can be an example for the younger generation,” he said enthusiastically.

The movie “Imam Without Makmum” features several well-known actors such as Vonny Felicia, Arif Brata, Rayisa, Cut Mini, Lukman Sardi, and Mamat Alkatiri.

In fact, there are many more, all of whom are experienced and respected figures in the entertainment industry.

In addition, this movie also involves a young Indonesian entrepreneur, Arbi Leo, as an Executive Producer, through Bersahaja Entertainment.

His participation as a young entrepreneur in this movie production is an achievement that deserves a thumbs up.

It shows a commitment to support the development of arts and culture in Indonesia, especially among the younger generation.

Lukman Sardi, one of the famous actors who played a role in this movie, gave his appreciation to Syakir Daulay who dared to create a movie at a young age.

“Syakir has extraordinary talent and courage. He dares, despite being young, to create a work of this magnitude. This is a real example of courage that can be an inspiration for other youths,” said Lukman Sardi.

The movie “Imam Without Makmum” is about a young man’s view on early marriage. The main character, Imam (played by Syakir Daulay), has a unique view on living his life.

To find out more, don’t miss the screening of this film in theaters on October 19, 2023.