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PB ESI Targeted Five Gold Medals in Upcoming Sea Games 2023

PB ESI Targeted Five Gold Medals in Upcoming Sea Games 2023

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Menpora RI), Zainudin Amali welcomed the Indonesian Esport Executive Board (PB ESI). In regards to discussing preparations for the upcoming Sea Games on May 5-17, 2023.

Zainudin said, at the 2023 Sea Games there need to be maximum efforts to close the possibility of Indonesia losing 37 gold medals. Compared to the last Sea Games due to numbers that are not competed by Kemboja as the host.

“As explained by the Review Team, Mr. Del Asri, we will potentially lose 37 gold medals. Thus, we must make maximum efforts to find numbers and sports branches that can cover these losses,” said Menpora Amali, Jakarta, Friday (6/1/2023).

Looking at the recent results of the international championship in Bali and the consistency so far. The Esport branch is planning to gain medals to help close the potentially lost gold medal.

“Thank you to PB ESI for the achievements in Bali yesterday. This is the first sport invited along with the other sports, as recommended by the Review Team. To look for opportunities to cover the missing gold medal through the Esport branch,” he said.

Zainudin instructed Asdep Surono and PB ESI to prepare and facilitate what is needed.

“For Mr. Asdep Surono, PB ESI and other sports for the Sea Games will immediately be facilitated. Since this can be considered extraordinary (loss of gold medals compared to the last Sea Games),” said Zainudin.

PB ESI Common Chairman Bambang Sunarwibowo expressed his enthusiasm for the role given. Everything has begun to be processed and finalized regarding the Sea Games target.

“First, greetings from the Chairman of PB ESI (Budi Gunawan). We, team Merah Putih, thank you for the support and are ready to carry out what is mandated. We have mapped out of the ten numbers competed. There will be five gold medals we’re targeting to achieve,” he said.