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PGN Reports Natural Gas Utilization in West Java Reached 550 BBTUD

PGN Reports Natural Gas Utilization in West Java Reached 550 BBTUD

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), which is the gas sub-holding of PT Pertamina, reported that natural gas utilization in West Java as one of its operating areas reached 500-550 billion British thermal units per day (BBTUD) absorbed by the industrial, commercial and household sectors.

The West Java operating area, located in three provinces namely DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Banten Provinces, is managed by PGN Sales Operation & Region II or PGN SOR II. With the scope of management of natural gas distribution to 1,441 industrial commercial sector customers absorbing 324.23 BBTUD and nine corporate customers in the electricity sector amounting to 201.25 BBTUD.

SOR II General Manager Sonny Rahmawan Abdi explained that the distribution of natural gas as good energy was also carried out to the household sector totaling 228,036 House Connections (SR) and 786 small customers / MSMEs.

“The reliability of natural gas distribution in Western Java is supported by PGN’s integrated infrastructure, including gas pipeline infrastructure, FSRU, and multi-supply aggregation of both pipeline gas and LNG gas. This provides reliability of gas distribution to customers,” said SOR II General Manager Sonny Rahmawan Abdi, Monday (11/7/2023).

In the Western part of Java, from Banten to West Java, a 3,223 km pipeline stretches, divided into 1,811 km of steel pipes and 1,412 PE pipes, supported by supporting infrastructure including 351 divider stations and 3 Offtake stations.

This gave PGN the confidence to penetrate natural gas services to Banten Province, successfully distributing +/- 166 BBTUD of natural gas to households, small customers, and commercial, industrial, and power plants. This region is managed more specifically by PGN Cilegon Area and Tangerang Area.

“Cilegon Area until now serves the largest customers, specifically in the industrial sector there are 50 customers with gas absorption of around 99.75 BBTUD. While households are approximately 10,290 customers. There are two areas, namely Cilegon City and Serang Regency,” explained Sonny.

Then the Tangerang Area includes Tangerang City, Tangerang Regency and South Tangerang City. Total gas absorption amounted to 66, 1 BBTUD. Tangerang Area serves 30,050 household customers with gas usage of +/- 0.38 BBTUD and 336 commercial/industrial customers with absorption of 65.72 BBTUD.

Sonny said that there is a growth trend in natural gas management in the Banten region. For five years it grew 2.16% in line with economic conditions and an increase in customer acquisition from the development of natural gas services and infrastructure.

“The customer’s growth in the Banten region is also increasing, especially household jargas (city gas network) since 2021. We continue to strive for a more massive increase, especially in the Tangerang area,” he said.

PGN continues to support economic activities in Western Java, including Banten province, through the provision of natural gas energy. This more competitive and environmentally friendly energy can drive customer production and reduce the use of subsidized fuel and gas cylinders.

In addition, the significance of natural gas during the transition and decarbonization efforts as a cleaner energy source than other fossil fuels. (Eva/Rd)