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President Jokowi Invites All Parties to Plant Trees to Improve the Environment

President Jokowi Invites All Parties to Plant Trees to Improve the Environment

JAKARTA, Timerilis.com – Indonesian President Joko Widodo invites all parties to be aware of the impact of climate change. To protect the environment by tackling the threat of climate change that has been felt by all countries in the world.

One of the steps taken by the president is to invite all parties to plant trees so that the problem of rising temperatures, drought, and food crises can be resolved.

“I would like to ask environmental activists, customary leaders, social forestry groups, and extension workers, to re-energize forest rehabilitation and forest improvement. The government together with the community, and environmental activists started. Later, when the rainy season comes, all plant trees, plant trees, plant trees, agree?” Jokowi said at the LIKE Festival (Environment-Climate-Forestry-Energy EBT) Road to COP28 UNFCCC-Dubai UAE 2023 in Jakarta, Monday (18/9/2023).

The increase in the earth’s surface temperature causes polar ice to melt and sea levels to rise. One of the impacts is the loss of several small islands in the Pacific Islands. Therefore, the President invited the public to plant mangroves on the coast together.

“We have given an example in Denpasar, where we have a conservatory that can produce about six million seedlings a year. I think it is not only in Denpasar that we showed it to the leaders of the G20 countries. They were amazed at the conservatory process there. That’s just mangroves,” Jokowi explained.

Indonesia also has conservatories in many other places, such as the Mentawai Nursery located in the Nusantara Capital City (IKN) area, East Kalimantan, and the Rumpin Nursery in Bogor, West Java.

“So before IKN was built, the conservatory had already been built, with a capacity of 15 million seedlings per year. You can see it now at Mentawai in East Kalimantan. Near here in Rumpin, Bogor, the capacity is six million seedlings per year. There are albasia seedlings, eucalyptus seedlings, durian seedlings, everything is there,” he explained.

He added that currently, countries in the world are pushing the energy transition to green energy. All countries are promoting waste recycling, the production of green industrial products, electric vehicles, and the use of biodiesel and bioethanol.

“Everything that is green (energy) beginning to be done in all countries now. The battery industry for electric vehicles is starting and we also do not want to lose the opportunity to build an electric vehicle battery industry because we have the raw materials here. We have nickel, cobalt, and manganese,” he said.

The President also encouraged mining entrepreneurs to have a conservatory center and reforest the former mining areas.

“Every time we finish mining, we should immediately plant, plant, plant. So, the environmental damage doesn’t get worse. It is mandatory because there’s a ministerial regulation that has just been issued,” he said.

Closing his remarks, the president once again invited all parties to protect the environment in Indonesia to keep it green.

“Once again, let us protect our environment both biotic and abiotic. So, our country, Indonesia remains green. The environment is good, the air is clean, and we can enjoy living in this country that we love,” he explained.