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President Outlines Successful Steps Taken by Government During Pandemic

President Outlines Successful Steps Taken by Government During Pandemic

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – President Joko Widodo explained several steps taken by the government during the Covid-19 pandemic that happened in Indonesia and countries around the world since 2020.

President Jokowi reckoned that the first step taken by the government was to carry out macro and micro-management effectively. All parties actively handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I see all of us working because we are pressured by problems. Pressured by problems, everyone is working. That’s what I didn’t see before,” Jokowi said in Jakarta on Thursday (26/1/2023).

According to Jokowi, Indonesia and all countries have no experience in dealing with a pandemic. When most of his ministers suggested the government do a lockdown, President Jokowi had other considerations.

“I calculate that in 2 or 3 weeks the people cannot have a small opportunity to make a living. Everything is closed and the state cannot assist the people, then what happens? The people will riot. That’s what we calculated. So, we decided at that time not to lockdown,” said Jokowi.

The second step taken by the government is to synergize and collaborate between the central and local governments, and the TNI and Polri. This can be seen from the number of Covid-19 vaccines that have been injected into the community, which has reached 448 million injections.

“We can do it all and we see that the TNI and Polri are working beyond their main duties. Going to villages to convince people to be vaccinated is not an easy job,” he said.

The third step taken by the government is to carry out gas and urgent management to balance health and the national economy. The President said that this step is not an easy thing to do.

“If the calculation is slightly wrong, the economy will fall. But if the gas is too fast, the pandemic can also rise. That is what we do to maintain a balance between health and the economy, which stresses the state management, not easy,” Jokowi explained.

The government’s next step is also to make decisions and swift action in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the action is adjusted to the data in the field.

Finally, the amount of public participation in handling the pandemic and the national economy is considered by the President as the most supportive step for the government’s success in handling the pandemic. This participation makes all parties participate in handling the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

“This participation is what we must appreciate because all support from the business world, the community at the bottom, everything is pushing,” he explained.(Eva)