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PT SBS Socializes Employees’ Wives about the Importance of K3 in the Family and Work Environment

PT SBS Socializes Employees’ Wives about the Importance of K3 in the Family and Work Environment

Timerilis.com – Every year the company commemorates the National Occupational Safety and Health (K3) month. The 2023 K3 month this time raised the theme ‘The realization of K3-cultured Decent Work to Support Business Sustainability in Every Workplace’.

In commemoration of the K3 month, PT Kesatria Bahana Sarana (SBS) conducted a socialization of mining K3 to the wives of PT SBS employees with additional theme ‘Adding Wife’s Concern for Husband’s Health and Safety’ at Saka Town Ship Tanjung Enim Hotel, Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra Province.

A total of 75 wives of PT SBS employees participated in the activity with enthusiasm. So, they could apply the knowledge in their daily lives.

President Director of PT SBS Agung Pratama said the wives have an important role in the success of their husbands, especially in health and safety.

“Many work accidents occur starting from family problems. Troubled employees are less focused at work, this is what makes us hold K3 socialization by involving the wives. Hence, they can play a role in maintaining employee health and safety,” Agung said, Thursday (16/3/2023).

The socialization has been launched by the Board of Directors through the Corporate Secretary and coordinated by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Public Relations (Humas) of PT SBS which is also part of the K3 National Movement Month (Gernas).

He continued that wives who maintain a diet, their husband’s rest time and maintain household harmony. The husbands are not burdened with household problems. Certainly, the wives of PT SBS employees create a harmonious and peaceful family atmosphere.

“Create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere so that the husband is more concentrated at work. Mutual openness creates an atmosphere that makes the husband feel comfortable. If the husband is burdened with thoughts or family problems, it will certainly interfere with productivity, health, and safety,” explained Agung.

The resource person for the activity, Doctor Yudi, said the role of the wives is very important because most of the time is spent by employees together with their wives and children at home.

“Fatigue is a decrease in physical or mental function that can be caused by excessive activity. It can reduce a person’s ability to the extent that it interferes with strength, speed, reaction time, coordination, decision-making, and balance in carrying out daily activities,” said Doctor Yudi.

One of the employees’ wives, Oktaria, said after attending the K3 socialization and seeing the activities firsthand, she understood that working in a mine is full of risks. The wives also received socialization of knowledge about the mining world.

“In the future, we will help our husbands to maintain a healthy sleep pattern and diet. It will ease the burden on the husband’s mind for his health and safety. Thank you PT SBS. Be successful and prosper in the future,” Oktaria said.

Some who attended the event were the Director of Asset Management and Commercial Adhi Germana, Senior Commercial manager Turiono, Finance and Budget manager Turiono, Manager of Mine Services and Support Asnawi, Manager of Quality and Risk Management Pamuji Panca Putra, Assistant Manager of HSE Sofyan Sauri, Manager of Public Relations and CSR Sahrul Padri, CSR official, and other staff and officials of PT SBS. (Eva/Rd)

source: Muara Enim