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Tin Export Ban, Ridwan Djamaludin: Will Take 23 Months

Tin Export Ban, Ridwan Djamaludin: Will Take 23 Months

Timerilis.com – President Joko Widodo has confirmed that he will implement a ban on tin exports to increase added value in the country. But, he has not been able to confirm when this will begin.

The Director General (Dirjen) of Mineral and Coal (Minerba) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ridwan Djamaludin opened up, the export ban policy was held by the leadership and the Directorate General of Minerba is currently waiting, and forming a working group (Pokja).

“He (President Jokowi) said that I will carry out the tin export ban, but when it is (still) being calculated. When it is being calculated, that is an important point that we are doing in the working group prepared by Minerba,” Ridwan said at the 2022 Minerba Subsector Performance Achievement event, Jakarta, Tuesday (31/1/2023).

Ridwan explained, one of the forms of downstream tin metal which were studied and estimated by the Minerba Working Group was 23 months or close to two years.

“To build a tin solder factory, according to the working group’s study, it takes 23 months or two years. That is the bare funds we are calculating. When the export ban policy is enforced we already know what to do in two more years,” said Ridwan.

Ridwan also encouraged the industry to build refining factories (smelters) from now on. So, tin entrepreneurs would not wait too long in the future.

“For example, if you want (it) to be banned next year, now we are building it. So that the wait is not too long, including the calculations of how much funds we have compiled and the general strategy,” he explained.

The Directorate General of Mineral and Coal anticipates the tin industry can not only produce but also sell. That is by embracing existing global players to become part of the tin downstream program.

“Tin is quite different from bauxite, it is needed in small quantities but the end product is a lot. We need to work together with business players who are currently global players,” he said. (Eva)