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US Department of Energy’s Visit to Kartini Nuclear Reactor

US Department of Energy’s Visit to Kartini Nuclear Reactor
US Dapartment of Energy visits Kartini Nuclear Reactor

Jakarta, Timerilis.com – The US Department of Energy recently visited the Kartini Nuclear Reactor in Yogyakarta. This reactor is under the management of BRIN. The visit aimed to check the safety measures in place.

Leading the visit, Jessica Bateman from the US Office of International Nuclear Security, focused on safety standards. She confirmed that the reactor meets the Category III safety requirements. These are in line with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards.

Furthermore, Jessica praised the reactor’s safety measures. She highlighted its strong physical protection system. This system is well-integrated with the control center, ensuring robust security.

On the other hand, Muhammad Subekti, BRIN’s Director of Nuclear Power Facilities, talked about the need for better security. He emphasized the importance of upgrading security systems in the Yogyakarta Nuclear Area.

Also, Umar Sahiful Hidayat, the reactor’s coordinator, discussed the US’s role in improving security. He mentioned the US’s help in providing software and hardware. This support is vital for countries like Indonesia.

Moreover, Umar stressed the need to follow the 3S principles: Safety, Safeguards, and Security. These must align with the standards of BAPETEN and the IAEA.

Umar also shared about the long-term partnership with the USDOE. This collaboration, since 2003, focuses on enhancing security. He noted that some reactor parts, made in the US, are used under strict agreements.

In conclusion, the USDOE plans to continue supporting nuclear security. This includes the Kartini Nuclear Reactor. Umar confirmed the USDOE’s readiness to provide more equipment and training for BRIN’s security team.

This visit and future collaborations show a strong commitment to global nuclear safety and security.